How a Student with F’s and ADHD Got into Her Dream University

Doubts Before you dismiss what you hear— This student’s dream school is in the U. S. News top 50 for colleges and universities. It is a major university. She did not get in due to family connections, special status, or parents who paid thousands of dollars to bribe her way in. She is not alone. There are thousands of stories like this every year.

Power of Knowing

When you listen to the full episode, you will hear Tatiana discuss her ADHD diagnosis. She went through middle and high school struggling and finally was diagnosed in college. Many families struggle with the decision to test high school students for ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and a variety of other psycho-educational issues. Will the time and expense be worth it? What can a diagnosis change? Is it too late to pursue this? Part of what struck me about Tatiana’s story was how significant it was for her to understand why she had been struggling and how she could make little changes that would allow her to study and learn more effectively.

Different Path to College

The college fairy tale is that all students will graduate from high school, enroll in their dream college, and live happily ever after. Reality tells a different story. Not all students enter directly into the college of their dreams. Some are limited by finances; others are unable to gain admission due to poor grades or test scores in high school. Some students need time to mature; others need the opportunity to gain academic skills. Tatiana’s story involves a rough start at a university she wasn’t very excited to attend, dropping out, community college, and finally her dream school. It is a great story of hope for everyone who worries that the fairy tale plan won’t work for them.


Listen to this 30 minute episode of “The College Prep Podcast” (episode #284) to hear the full story. It is a great message of hope for anyone who has struggled with a learning difference, earned low grades, had to leave college in the first year, or wondered whether community college could ever lead to a top university. You can find this episode on your favorite podcast platforms or listen directly from our website: iTunes: Stitcher: Google Podcasts: ]]>

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