When to Use Who / Whom — Quick ACT / SAT Tip

​ I’ve got an easy way to tell the difference.    This short video will explain (while showing you how our video Q&A works.)   I’ve had a lot of people ask how the live Q&A session in our new Online SAT / ACT Results course works. The best way to explain is to show you and I’ll use this opportunity to teach a quick answer to a commonly tested grammar error. Most people don’t know when to use “who” and when to use “whom”. While our ears can “hear” the right answer in many situations, the who / whom dilemma seems to fool our “sounds good” radar, making it the perfect error to fool test takers on the ACT and SAT. Here are a couple questions from recent exams: #30 from SAT Test 1: #49 from the 2015 practice ACT:      If you want more information on our Online SAT / ACT Results program, click HERE. ]]>

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