Why do colleges care about extracurricular activities?

We’ve all heard that colleges want students who are involved, but this tends to bring up more questions:

  • What level of involvement is expected?
  • What types of activities should you choose?
  • Should you be involved in a sport?
  • Do you need a specific number of volunteer hours?
Too often the result is students racing to join clubs and organizations because they think it will “look good to colleges” not understanding that the value is on the experience NOT on the seemingly impressive titles. It helps to understand WHY colleges want students who have dedicated time outside of school to extracurricular pursuits. Universities want to see students who are willing to pursue interests, develop new skills, and commit. Knowing WHY colleges want involved students can help you make strategic decisions on how you choose to spend your free time. In the next month, I will delve deeper into the topic of extracurricular activities, what you should consider doing, and how many activities are enough. To make sure you receive these updates, make sure to sign up to receive my newsletter. ]]>

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