The College Prep Difference

All test prep programs are not the same. We are a boutique college prep company that specializes in college entrance exams. Here’s how our programs are different:


Exclusive focus on college admissions exams (ACT, PSAT & SAT)

We don’t offer classes for every exam under the sun. We specialize so you can get focused, up to date, concentrated help for the test you need.


A program designed by a national expert

All course materials were developed and revised by College Prep’s founder, Megan Dorsey, a nationally recognized expert in the field of test preparation.  Megan was a former SAT grader and is incredibly knowledgable in test content.  She combines that with over 20 years of test prep experience and graduate work in testing, psychology, and learning styles to offer a program that delivers results.

Intentional time for practice and mastery

We understand learning theory and brain science (and everyday experience with students) and we know that learning the material is not enough. Students must have time to absorb, practice, and master the content and strategies before taking the ACT or SAT. This is why even our quick cram classes allow for a couple of weeks of practice prior to the actual exam.

Expert instruction

Our classes are taught by certified professionals with years of experience. Megan Dorsey teaches many classes and closely supervises all instructors. We are NOT giving you a college kid trained to teach from a workbook or a school teacher looking to pick up extra cash by tutoring. Everyone on the College Prep team is a test prep expert; we know the exams, how to improve scores, and how to effectively teach teens.

Class structure that mirrors the test

You won’t find classes divided by subject here. Each prep class or tutoring session combines reading, writing, math, (science for ACT), and test taking strategies. The ACT & SAT demand students switch from one subject to another in a matter of seconds, so we do the same.


Exclusive use of official test materials

The ACT & SAT / PSAT demand attention to the slightest details. Companies that use mock exams written by their corporate publishing department are giving you the testing equivalent of a knock-off handbag.  We rely on official tests so our students practice with authentic materials before taking the real exam.

Get the ultimate bump up with private tutoring

Our privately tutored clients are more engaged, get their specific questions and needs addressed quickly, complete more practice assignments, and see better results than students in traditional prep classes. Provide the greatest opportunity for your child to suceeed in college with our private tutoring. You’ll be working with anationally recognized expert with more than 20 years experience in test prep — not a college kid trained on a workbook or a school teacher looking to pick up some extra cash. Best of all, prices are all-inclusive and include all books, practice tests, and workbooks. With private tutoring you can realistically improve 100 points per section on the SAT and 3-4 points on the ACT (per section and composite).


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