This is the next video in my series on extracurricular activities. If you missed the previous posts you can find them here:

Today I’m going to explain how students need to have extracurricular activities to match the type of programs to which they are applying. This means the less competitive the university, the less emphasis will be placed on a student’s activities. However, students considering more selective school (top state universities and hard-to-get-into private colleges) may find the same resume that is fine for one program is holding them back in a more competitive environment.

I find many students have difficulty understanding the difference in demands. My best way to describe the increasing expectations for activities is to draw an analogy to sports. In this video I describe how you can evaluate your resume in light of the particular schools or programs you are considering.

You don’t have to be considering Harvard, Rice, or Stanford for this information to apply to you. As many state schools become increasingly competitive, understanding how your resume can help (or hold you back) is essential.