Focused Extracurriculars Activities Can Give You an Edge

  • Why do colleges care about extracurriculars?
  • Do I need to participate in a sport in high school?
  • Extracurricular time during high school can give you an edge in your future major or career (in addition to the boost in college admission options) if you plan ahead and spend your time well. Let’s start from the perspective of the college admissions office. They want to admit students into a variety of programs across campus. Other than applicants listing their top choice majors, how will that college know who is well suited to pre-med, engineering, business, etc? Watch the video for a key question explaining why and how extracurricular involvement can positively impact your chances for admission. Do your extracurricular choices align with your interests? Would they show a college or future employer your passion for a subject? Do they adequately represent your interest in the field you hope to pursue in college? Participation in clubs, summer programs, internships, research, elective classes, etc. can give you experience– which gives you a competitive edge. Not only can extracurricular activities make you a more desirable candidate, they might save your considerable time and money in college if you can determine early on which fields are NOT right for you. A summer program in architecture might tell you that you are more interested in the structural / engineering side of building than the architecture and design aspects. How great to determine that without spending two years and thousands of dollars working through the architecture prerequisites at your university. Not all extracurricular activities need to be focused on your future major or career, but taking time to explore these areas can be useful to you (and may help in college admission.) View the video here: ]]>

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