We received a letter from the high school that our daughter is eligible for a membership in NSHSS (National Society of High School Scholars). Is this worth the money? Should we do it?

NSHSS Wants Legal Action

I’ve received multiple letters from the NSHSS legal team expressing their displeasure with this article and threatening legal action. They want me to remove this post. While I’d love to stand on principle, I am a solo-practitioner and don’t have the time or money to fight this legal battle. But I also don’t want NSHSS to bully me into removing any sign of criticism.

I Wouldn’t Pay for It

I am a parent. When we received the NSHSS paperwork at my home, it went straight in the trash. I do not believe it is worth the money. I do not view it as a significant achievement that would help either of my children. I think this makes my position on the issue pretty clear.

What You Don’t See

Because I’m removing the original article on this post, I am also going to remove the comments. (NSHSS specifically mentions the comments in their legal correspondence.) You will no see the stories of parents and students who regretted signing up. You will not hear from educators who suggest so many more meaningful ways for students to earn recognition. But ask yourself, “What was in these comments that sparked NSHSS to send this small blog multiple letters threatening legal action?” Scroll down and take a moment to consider what you don’t see. Hopefully you can now answer the question of whether this program is worth the money for yourself.