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Pros & Cons of Duke TIP

I’ve answered dozens of questions about the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) in the past couple weeks.  Most came from parents who weren’t sure about having their seventh grader take the SAT or who didn’t want to pass on a program if it would have significant impact on the college admissions process later.

The bottom line is that the Duke TIP program is a wonderful enrichment opportunity for gifted students, but it is not right for everyone.  It is just one of many opportunities students will have and does not help (or hurt) college admissions chances in the future.

Here is a short video where I cover the pros and cons of the Duke TIP program, so you can make the right decision for your family.



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3 comments on “Pros & Cons of Duke TIP

Emilie Fracker

Thank you! The video helped so much!

Don B.

What does “is a wonderful enrichment opportunity for gifted students” really mean and what do the students receive for $4500 that they would not obtain from other sources?


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