This week I’m excited to give you more details about my upcoming College Admission Essay and Resume Workshop so you can get an early start on what can be one of the most stressful parts of college admissions.

Over the years, both as a high school counselor and in my own consulting business, I’ve seen how important resumes and essays can be for admission or scholarships. In some cases they can make (or break) an application.

I’ve also seen how hard it is to write a good essay.

The problem is that application essays are NOT like the essays students have been writing in school. Throughout high school students write analytical, persuasive, expository, research, andargumentative essays. They rarely write personal narratives, but that’s what college essays are.

Additionally, most students don’t have a clear understand of what colleges want. They approach the essays like they might approach questions on an AP exam. This results in a response that appears to answer the question, but fails to provide colleges with key information (a huge missed opportunity that can be costly.)

Good news! I know the elements of a successful essay and I have developed a system for all students to effectively convey their strengths through their resumes and essays.

I’m going to be teaching my proven system in a workshop on Saturday, July 20 on Zoom.

The online version of this workshop (just video lessons, not live) sells for $650. This has been such a wild spring with so many college planning challenges, that I want to make this workshop accessible to more families. I’m offering early bird pricing of $295 through June 10.

For $295, you get a family pass that allows up to four members of your immediate family to attend. You will also receive some bonuses which you can learn more about on the registration page.

Essays and resumes will be even more important this year as many students don’t have spring letter grades and some colleges are making the ACT / SAT optional. Get a head start on your applications and gain insight into how colleges will view your work.