Course Selection Part III: The Role of Electives

core academic courses and graduation requirements, it is finally time to schedule electives! Elective courses should help explore and develop a student’s interests and talents. Here’s another way to look at it. If I look at your high school transcript will it tell me a story about what captures your attention? Or what talents you have chosen to develop? Watch the video to hear about two of my clients who got into the most competitive schools on their lists this year in large part because they were able to present a strong picture of their interests and talents. I do want to take a moment to emphasize that most high school freshman have no idea what they want to study in college or the career they want after college. That’s normal. No one expects 14 and 15 year old kids to lock into electives in some type of pre-professional program. It is ok to explore subjects and ok to change your mind. In the video I address some important issues I see clients struggle with:

  • There are electives that are very academic in nature. Some even offer AP credit. These are still electives and do NOT replace core academic courses.
  • I NEVER select courses based on issues of GPA, class rank, or quality point / weighted averages. Watch the video to hear more. (I follow my own advice: my daughter took four years of speech and debate which did not have any honors type designation or weighted calculation to her GPA.)
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