Course Selection Part II: Required Courses

HERE. ​ The second step in creating your four year plan for high school courses is to consider other requirements. You are likely to find different requirements based on your state, district, or even campus. Typical required courses include physical education, art, and technology. Many parochial schools require some type of theology coursework and some schools stipulate all students must ENT role in non-credit requirements, like study hall. Find out what will be required at your high school. Next, decide the optimal time to fill these in to your four year plan. Often you will find counselors encourage students to get these out of the way in 9th or 10th grade. If you don’t have other classes competing for room in your schedule, this isn’t a bad option. I understand these courses may fell like a waste of time to some students, but I would encourage you to view them as good breaks in your schedule. (It is important to maintain balance and often these types of courses require less reading / homework.) Finally, I discuss the possibility of taking required courses outside of the regular school year and what you should do if you want to pursue this option. ]]>

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