Are colleges really dropping the ACT & SAT? How will this affect current juniors?

  • What schools were evaluating before
  • How removing SAT / ACT requirements will change admissions
  • Which students benefit the most AND
  • Which students would be better served by submitting strong test scores
  • What I did NOT discuss in the video is how so many other programs, scholarships, and even colleges WILL continue to require test scores next year. Just because some schools choose to make test scores optional does not mean those scores won’t be used. While some students will benefit from these changes, not ALL students will be able to get into the schools they want, qualify for specific programs or majors, or even meet criteria for scholarships without test scores. In other words, the SAT and ACT have not gone away. If you still don’t have the scores you want, don’t panic. Here are the current ACT and SAT test dates for the rest of 2020. Yes, some may get changed, but other dates may be added to the traditional testing calendar:
    • ACT: June, July, September, October, December
    • SAT: June, August, October, November, December
    Even with early decision deadlines (traditionally Nov 1) this leaves students plenty of opportunities to take the SAT and ACT. Watch the full explanation here:  ]]>

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