My Favorite Tips for Staying Organized and Studying Effectively

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  • If we aren’t on your favorite podcast directory, let us know what it is and we will submit our feed. Here are some of the podcast episodes I regularly draw on when I’m advising students and my own children: (click the title to access the episode on our website.)

    053: 8+ Non-Boring Ways to Study for Tests

    The key to effective studying for tests is a brain-based trick called “retrieval practice.” Most students forget to do this when studying. They might review their notes or text book, but they forget practice “retrieving” it from their brain (which means looking away from the source of the information and testing yourself to see how much you know).

    190: 12 Skills We assume Students Know (But They Don’t)

    There are some basic life and school skills that adults assume teens know how to do — but they really don’t!

    072: 8 Simple Ways to Start the Semester Strong

    Great tips for any time. (I personally like the homework routine and grade checking tips!)

    256: 6+ Ways to Study for Tests in Five Minute Bursts

    Students often worry that studying effectively for tests will take more time than they have! In this episode, Gretchen takes a deep dive into retrieval practice, which is arguably the most important things students can do when studying.

    274: Try New Study Strategies, Even if They Are Not Your “Learning Style”

    One of the important ingredients of studying strategically is cultivating your willingness to try new strategies, even if they require effort and are uncomfortable.

    029: How Parents Can Raise Teens Who Manage Time Well with Leslie Josel

    Time management does not come naturally to teens, that’s for sure! But there are some simple actions parents can take to support their teenagers in becoming time aware, pro-active, anti-procrastinators.]]>

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