How AP, IB and Dual Credit Can (And Can’t) Help You in College

  • The limitations of taking AP, IB and Dual Credit courses, including what can transfer where and what scores are needed,
  • Before taking these classes, how to establish your goals to you’re clear why you are taking them, and whether those reasons are realistic
  •  How to research the credit by exam policies at the colleges on your list, so you know in advance which courses will count towards college credit and which won’t
  • When to meet with an academic advisor to help determine which credits you should “cash in”, and
  • The importance of remember these programs are part of a complete academic plan, and not the “be all and end all” of your college career.
  •   Listen to the full episode here: (click here to play) If you still have questions, please reach out to schedule a consultation with me or register for one of our online college admissions courses. You can also find The College Prep Podcast on popular platforms such as ]]>

    Advanced Placement, high school course selection, honors courses, IB classes

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