8 Simple Ways to Start the Semester Strong

iTunes or listen from our website. If you like what you hear, please tell others about the podcast and/or leave us a review on iTunes. Our goal is to provide this free resource to as many people as possible. Starting the school year off right is the topic of this week’s podcast episode. These simple tips can be HUGE for parents and students looking to earn better grades, get organized, or simply reduce the tension that assignments, grades, and school can bring. Listen to the episode: click here  Here are the Cliff Notes if you can’t listen right now: Sometimes school success is in the planning. Not just the hopes and dreams of a great year, but the execution of little things on a regular basis. Hopefully you have set yourself up for a great year. We go into details in the show, but here are some things to review.  Have you… 1. gotten an organization system and supplies that work for you, including an at-home filing system? 2. read through all your syllabi to take note of attendance and late work policies? 3. introduced yourself to your teacher, and if you have a learning difference, told your teacher about it? Don’t assume you teacher will know. 4. gotten the phone numbers of 2-3 people in each of your classes? 5. established a “Homework Set Up Routine” for when you get home from school? 6. made an agreement with your parents about how often you (and they) will check your online grades? Parents, listen to find out why your grade checking might be causing your student to do less and not more. 7. gotten distraction blockers on your computer? 8. created an exercise regimen that is independent of whatever sports you will play? See my recommendation below to understand why this is such an important]]>

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