How Many AP Classes Should a Student Take?


How many AP classes should a student take?

School limitations:
  • Number of AP classes offered at your high school
  • Are there limits on the number of AP classes a student can take
Personal limitations:
  • Students should be able to balance AP classes with activities and other courses
  • It is important to show high achievement in AP classes.  A “C” or “D” in and AP class may be a sign a student is overloaded academically.
  • There is a personal limit where students can balance achievement with challenging classes
Benefit to taking AP classes in weaker subject:
  • High scores on AP exam may eliminate the need to take that course in college
  • High school AP teachers may be more accessible and better teachers than college professors.
  • Using AP credit to exempt from introductory classes in some fields of study may hurt a student’s academic success in college.

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