What Do You Want To Achieve?


  • I will make all A’s except in Physics and Pre-Cal where I will earn B’s.
  • I will take French 3.
  • I will continue to take three AP level courses again this year.
  • I will take AP Calculus even though I think it will be hard.
  • I will run for Student Council officer.
  • I will compete in one speech tournament a month.
  • I will get a part time job in a vet’s office.
  • I will get involved this year by participating at church.
  • I will finish my Eagle project.
Work Habits  (These tend to be the most popular among students I know.)
  • I will not be tardy to class.
  • STOP procrastinating!
  • I will leave my phone in the other room when I do my homework.
  • I will do all my assignments – NO ZEROS!
  • I will actually read the books assigned in English class.
  • I will complete my summer reading before school starts.
  • I will get at least six hours of sleep a night.
  • I will not let friend drama take over my life.
  • I will not eat junk food for lunch.
College Planning
  • I will visit at least 5 college campuses this year.
  • I will write my college essays by September 15.
  • I will make time to take an SAT prep class.
  • I will send all my applications by October 1.
  • I will review my class notes and vocabulary words before I retake the SAT.
What are your goals for this year?  Share your comments below.]]>

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