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Texas Tech

Texas State


Sam Houston

Top 15% Admit
Top 11 – 25% 1000+ SAT 1140+ SAT 920+ SAT Admit 850+ SAT
Top 26-50% 1100+ SAT 1230+ SAT 1010+ SAT 850+ SAT 930+ SAT
Top 51-75% Review 1270+ SAT 1180+ SAT 1050+ SAT 1030+ SAT
Top 76-100% Review Review 1270+ SAT 1250+ SAT 1140+ SAT
Whether you live in Texas or not, you should understand that state universities place considerable weight on a student’s class rank (reflecting classes taken and grades earned) and standardized test scores. By improving SAT scores only a few points, some students can change a denial to an acceptance.]]>

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