NC State College of Textiles: Project Runway Meets Extreme Engineering

NC State Textile Design Fashions Want to find a way to combine an interest in fashion and fabric with knowledge of chemistry, engineering, and business management?  North Carolina State is offering four week-long camps through The College of Textiles Summer Textile Exploration Program. Last summer I visited NC State and got a tour of the College of Textiles.  It was impressive.  Part of the college looked like the Project Runway workroom.  Students can design and print their own fabrics, design fashion, and participate in area fashion shows.  Other parts of the college focus more on extreme textile needs – designing fabrics for firefighters or military personnel in extreme combat situations.  The technology available to student was impressive.  Personally, I was impressed with the “printer” that made three-dimensional plastic models. I saw, from the outside, many of the lab areas used to test textiles in extreme situations.  The tour opened my eyes to a wide variety of programs. NC State Textile DesignSound interesting?  Students wanting to know more should take a look at the summer programs offered. The application deadline is May 2; don’t wait! Here is the description of the Summer Textile Exploration Program from the NC State site:

The College of Textiles Summer Textile Exploration Program consists of four one-week sessions for rising high school seniors. Up to 28 students per week are chosen based on their academic success, extracurricular activities and their interest in NC State and science-related fields. This past year there were four different sessions with a total of 106 students in attendance. Participants will live in one of twenty NC State residence halls, all of which are equipped with air conditioning, refrigerators and microwaves. Much like college, resident advisors will live with the students throughout the program. During the morning, students participate in textile-related presentations, screen print T-shirts, visit local businesses and tour NC State’s campus. After lunch, participants dedicate their time to a project pertaining to polymer and color chemistry, engineering, apparel design, fabric design, and business management. Each student has the opportunity to choose the project of his or her greatest interest. Free Time:  Every afternoon, students finish their project work and can enjoy free-time. Some fun activities that have taken place in the past include going to NC State’s gym, shopping at the Streets of Southpoint, movie night, cookouts, go-carts, bowling, putt-putt and much more.

NC State Textile DesignBe on the look-out for other great summer opportunities.  You might find the right school or program for you.


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