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Not all prep classes are the same. 

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There are significant differences between our program and the big-box test prep classes or the no-name tutoring plan. Here’s why you should invest in our course:

1.  Class Structure That Mirrors The Actual Test

Each ACT or SAT class meeting we will cover overall strategies, reading, math, writing (and science for the ACT.) We switch back and forth from one topic to another. Our classes are teaching students to focus intensely for a period of time then switch subjects and focus on something new–exactly what they are expected to do on the exam. This frustrates some students. They want to do all math or all reading in a class. But the ACT & SAT demand students switch topics. Our class structure is mirroring the test so students learn to focus on all topic areas and quickly switch from one to another.

2. Schedule Designed For Busy Students

Our classes meet once a week. This allows busy students time to attend all classes AND complete assignments. Over years of helping students prepare for the SAT & ACT we have found this approach produces the best results.

3.  Instructors Who Are Test Prep Professionals

Our classes are taught by certified professionals with years of experience. 95% of current classes are taught by Megan Dorsey. With other big-box test prep programs, classes are led by college age instructors trained to teach from a workbook.  Why not study with an expert?

4.  Students Have Time To Learn & Master Concepts

It is tempting to look for a cram course and get the whole test prep process out of the way in a matter of weeks. Too bad that doesn’t work for most students! They need time to absorb all the material and more time to apply and practice the concepts. Our programs allow students time to develop and perfect their skills.

5. A Program Developed By A Nationally Recognized Expert

All course materials were developed and revised by College Prep’s founder, Megan Dorsey, a nationally recognized expert in the field of test preparation. Megan is incredibly knowledgable in test content. She combines that with over 20 years of test prep experience and graduate work in testing, psychology, and learning styles to offer a prep class that works. Megan’s advice has been featured in the following sources:  

6.  Locally Owned & Operated

Locally owned businesses can serve you better.  We offer expert instructors and proven materials at a competitive price because we aren’t paying franchise fees or high overhead. College Prep LLC was founded by Megan Dorsey, a graduate of Rice University, and certified high school counselor. Megan lives in Sugar Land and teaches many of the courses.  If you have a question about the material or the SAT / ACT in general, we are here to help.

7.  Founded On A Belief That ALL Students Can Succeed

We believe all students can improve their options for admission to a college of their choice.  Strong test scores are part of the admissions process at most colleges and universities. By helping students prepare for these tests, we are helping them open more possibilities for the future. We have taught valedictorians, struggling students, perfect score earners, nervous test takers, and students with severe learning differences. Our classes provide a safe environment for students of all ability levels. We never humiliate or shame students as a method of teaching. We are proud to help every student improve.

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