Megan Dorsey

Nationally recognized collegiate testing expert

College Prep’s Founder

Megan is College Prep’s founder and owner.  She develops all the curriculum taught in SAT classes or private tutoring programs. Megan is an experienced educator with over 20 year’s experience in test preparation. She has helped thousands of students prepare for the SAT and ACT.

Megan is a graduate of Rice University and the University of Houston, and she holds a certificate in college counseling from UCLA. A former high school counselor, she was one of the first educators selected by the College Board to grade the SAT essay.

She is co-author of “Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades” and co-host of “The College Prep Podcast”. Megan has worked for The Princeton Review as a Master LSAT Trainer, piloted a joint SAT prep program between Kaplan and HISD, and developed her own SAT curriculum for Houston high schools. Her extensive experience with the ACT and SAT is apparent in the College Prep course material.

Megan Dorsey believes every student (and parent) should be equipped with the knowledge and tools to make the college admissions process less stressful and more successful. Before founding College Prep, LLC, she served as a college counselor in the Houston Independent School District, where she developed the district’s SAT prep and college planning curriculum. In her last year in the public schools, the graduating class of 550 seniors earned more than $14 million in scholarships. Megan’s former students have attended a wide range of public and private colleges and universities.

A College Preparation Expert

  • In 2014 Megan started “The College Prep Podcast” with co-host Gretchen Wegner. Listen to episodes here.
  • Megan served as the college expert for from 2013 until the expert program was discontinued.
  • In 2012 Megan wrote a the chapter “SAT and ACT Strategies for Students With Learning Differences” for the book Amazing Grades.
  • In 2011 and 2012 Megan served on the college admissions expert panel for Unigo, a college resource program.
  • School districts regularly consult with Megan in developing college readiness and SAT preparation curriculum.

Get To Know Megan

High School: Coronado High School in Colorado Springs, CO

During class I’m drinking: my happy hour unsweetened iced tea from Sonic

Favorite sports team(s): Denver Broncos and Houston Texans

In high school my favorite activity was: speech and debate! I did extemporaneous speaking and my senior year I went to NFL Nationals in Lincoln-Douglas debate.

On my bookshelf/Kindle you’ll find: all my college books, a lot of classics, and mystery-thriller novels.

Most people don’t know: I’m a terrible speller and always have been. 9th  grade was the last time I had weekly spelling tests for school.  All year I got one C, two Ds, and all the rest Fs. Spell check has been a big help, but you will probably catch some errors as I write on the board!

Favorite cartoon character: Donald Duck

On my TiVo: Junk—pure, mind-rotting junk! NCIS, Project Runway, Elementary, Blue Bloods, The Amazing Race, and SWAT.

On the weekends, I: teach ACT and SAT classes and spend time with my family. We like to participate in a family activity every Saturday; sometimes we are busy with games and activity for our two kids, but we like to go to museums, attend events in the Houston area, and visit state parks.

Worst class in college: “The City of Athens” an upper level class taught by the art history department. I had to write a paper on water supply in ancient Athens; 90% of the research was in German and I don’t speak German.

My SAT scores: Wouldn’t you like to know! I’ll never tell, but I graduated from Rice University, so you can figure out approximate scores.

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