Application Essay Coaching

$995 Get personalized help with application essays. This coaching package includes:

  • Instructional videos
  • Two 90-minute personal meetings with Megan Dorsey (in Sugar Land or by phone / Skype)
  • Final edit by a professional copy editor*
  • Email follow-up

Essay Limit

This program is designed to help the typical student with required essays for college applications, scholarships, or summer programs. Students are limited to
  • Two full-length essays (up to 650 words each) OR
  • One full-length essay (300 – 650 words) and two short answers (each under 300 words)
Students with additional essays or supplemental writing, may need to purchase an additional package to complete their applications.

Program Outline

Before our first meeting:
  • Watch the instructional videos. These outline the basic information and will help you start brainstorming. Watching the videos prior to our first meeting means I don’t need to use our valuable time together going over this information.
  • Have a list of possible topics or a first draft of your essays.
Before our second meeting:
  • Complete drafts of all essays.
  • Read and revise your drafts. Make obvious corrections to grammar and usage errors.
Following our second meeting:
  • Revise essays and make improvements we discussed.
  • Email revised copies to me for final edit.
  • Once you receive the final edits, review them using the change tracking feature in Word.
  • Re-read your final copy and feel free to email with any follow-up questions.

Your Words & Ideas– Just Polished

Anyone who has worked in college admissions can tell you it is easy to spot essays that are not the original work of the applicant. These essays hurt the applicant. Sometimes they have been “ghost written” by well meaning parents or paid tutors. Other times the essays have been so over-edited by teachers, mentors, and parents that the final product resembles a Frankenstein creation more than a coherent expression of the applicant’s ideas. We work very hard to make sure every student’s essays are their own work. Our goal is to help each student present his or her best writing. We will offer suggestions on topics, theme development, organization, and word choice. We will not write the essay for a student.  We will offer suggestions to improve writing and eliminate errors. We won’t change a student’s voice, tone, diction, or overall vocabulary.

*Our Copy Editors

We work with a couple highly experienced copy editors who understand the unique task of editing these essays while maintaining the authentic voice of their teen authors. Each editor has been working with Megan for a minimum of five years and has seen hundreds (maybe thousands) of college admissions essays.  ]]>

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