Course Selection: The Foundation of Your Four Year Plan

  • The need to balance fun and explanatory courses with graduation requirements and foundational academic courses.
  • Electives are like dessert—you have to have a nutritious meal with them or your results won’t be optimal Students CANNOT trade core courses for electives. (Sorry!)
  • Core courses include English, math, history, and science. We can also make a strong argument for including LOTE (languages other than English) in this category.
  • Four years generally means each year in high school. Starting algebra in 8th grade does not mean you “finish” sooner.
  • I have seen students double up or take summer school, but this is not typical and maybe not recommended. Before you attempt, check with your school counselor and have a compelling reason.
  • The sequence of courses may vary from school to school
    • English and math— pretty predictable
    • Science usually — bio, chem, physics
    • History— check with your school— goal to take what your peers are taking
  • In the next video I will discuss other graduation requirements and how to add them to your plan. ​ ​]]>

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