Get Results!

Yes, you want information, but what you really want are results. Learn how to select the right high school courses, maximize extracurricular activities, create a strong college list, and submit polished applications that will get results.

We offer a variety of college planning options to fit your needs:

Options to Meet Your Needs

Online Courses

Online Courses are ideal for the family that wants to plan ahead or work through the college admission process on their own– but with expert information and step-by-step guidelines. Each course in the college planning series consists of video lessons where Megan Dorsey discusses key factors for college admission and what you need to do to maximize your results. You will also receive worksheets to help you take action on key points from each video lesson. Lessons are available immediately upon purchase, so you don’t need to wait for a class to start or to schedule an appointment. With prices starting at $47, the online college planning courses are an affordable way to add expert guidance to your college planning process.


Personal consultations are ideal to answer individual questions or supplement the work you have done with the online courses. In 90 minutes Megan Dorsey will personally address your college admission concerns, provide guidance and suggestions for future action. Consultations are intended to address the needs of families who want one or two sessions, but are not looking for comprehensive assistance with test prep or application review.

Application Coaching

If you want more than the online course or a single consultation can provide, application coaching may be right for you. Megan offers a variety of application coaching programs designed to walk students through various aspects of the college admissions process.