Vocabulary Results

Vocabulary: better grades, higher scores, sound smart!  

As a direct result of an increased vocabulary students:

  • Score well on the PSAT/ SAT & ACT thereby earning scholarships.
  • Effectively express themselves on college admissions essays.
  • Stop feeling left behind because they’re still using the same basic words while their classmates incorporate sophisticated vocabulary into essays.
  • Breeze through the reading section of the SAT and ACT.
  • Enter college totally prepared for the level of vocabulary commonly used by professors, textbooks, and top graduates.

Not sure where to begin?  . . .

Introducing Vocabulary Results Builder!

Here’s what you’ll receive for each week:

  1. A list of 15 commonly used vocabulary words with easy-to-understand definitions. You don’t need to waste time finding study words, or looking up and deciphering definitions.  Every word I include has been used on a recent ACT or SAT.
  2. Audio recordings of the list so you can learn correct pronunciation and solidify your understanding of the definitions. You can listen to the words on your smart phone, in the car, or on your computer.  Knowing the correct pronunciation of each word will help you incorporate the words into your everyday vocabulary.  (And who doesn’t want to sound smarter?)
  3. An audio quiz to help measure your progress. Studying the words and definitions isn’t enough.  You need to be able to recall definitions quickly and accurately.  Quizzes will cover the current week’s words, along with vocabulary from previous weeks to encourage long-term retention of knowledge.
  4. Daily activities to keep you on track. I’ll tell you what to do each day to increase your success in studying, so you’ll really learn the words.
  5. Proven study strategies. Not everyone learns the same way.  I offer a variety of strategies to help you find the best way to build your college-bound vocabulary, no matter how you learn best.

The program works.

Check out what past clients have said.
I strongly believe that your program has really helped Jenna to apply herself much better in school; it had an effect beyond preparing for the SAT, even Jenna has said that. It was one of the best educational investments I have made.
– Robin  (Mom from Texas)
Mrs. Dorsey, I just got my PSAT score, a 229!!!  Thank you for all your help. The vocabulary words really paid off.  I learned so much in a short amount of time from you and that made all the difference in my scores. – Claire (National Merit Finalist)
The college bound vocabulary is a real gem. I will say from my work experience that one difference I noticed between Ivy League graduates and those from state schools was vocabulary.  No one wants to feel left behind or be the one person in the room who doesn’t understand some of the words being used.  I’m so glad to have this program to help boost my vocabulary while I help my girls with theirs.

                a a a a      

So what are you waiting for?

Just $1 a week!  It’s worth a try!

  FAQ: How to download and unzip your vocabulary lessons.  

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