SAT Vocabulary

SAT Vocabulary Audio Files I encourage all students in my Sugar Land area classes to improve their overall vocabulary. The SAT tests a lot of these words in the Reading and Writing sections of the test. I’m a fan of flashcards because students can mix up the order (to avoid learning patterns rather than individual words) and because it is easy to cary over the one or two words they didn’t learn from the previous week. But I know some students learn better when they hear things and it is a good idea for all students to know how to correctly pronounce the words which is why I have created these audio files. Use the weekly audio lists to:

  • Listen and learn in the car
  • Hear correct pronunciation
  • Learn and review in less than 4 minutes a day
You can download these files to your iPod or MP3 players, but please don’t share with students not in the class because it is copyrighted content. (To download files:  control + click the link) SAT Vocabulary List 1 SAT Vocabulary List 2 SAT Vocabulary List 3 SAT Vocabulary List 4 SAT Vocabulary List 5 SAT Vocabulary List 6 SAT Vocabulary List 7 SAT Vocabulary List 8   PDF of Words Lists 1 – 8]]>

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