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Megan Dorsey is a college admissions expert and savvy test prep instructor who has helped thousands of students prepare for the SAT and ACT. She will help your family navigate the college admissions process with higher test scores and more scholarship and program options.

Megan Dorsey – My Story

School counselors just don’t have enough time to offer academic guidance and college planning to students.  And it’s no wonder:  Can you believe the average student-to-counselor ratio is 457:1?! Counselors are busy testing, handling schedules, and dealing with crisis situations for hundreds of students, plus attending required meetings and working with at-risk students. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

I know because I used to be one of them, working in the Houston Independent School District. Don’t get me wrong, I worked with some great people and I loved my students, but a large school district is almost the textbook definition of bureaucracy.

When I started College Prep, LLC, in 2006, I wanted to break free from the bureaucracy and spend ALL my time helping students and their families prepare for college. I can meet in the evenings or on weekends, so I can work with the entire family.  I don’t need to wait until students are in high school to make suggestions on course selection and academic planning. I can take the time to really get to know the people I work with—yes, they are people, not numbers. I know their strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

When students take my SAT prep classes they have chosen to give up extra free time so they can improve their chances of getting into the college of their dreams. I have the privilege of working with some of the most unique students who are truly interested and motivated in maximizing their college options.

I am looking forward to meeting YOU and your student soon…please get in touch!

Megan Dorsey delivers the high-value advice students and parents need…!”

Why Work With Us?

We know what we’re doing and we get results.

We have a proven track record since 1995 of helping students earn higher test scores and gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. We have the education and experience to help students from the struggling test taker to the high achieving valedictorian and everyone in between.


Qualifications & Awards

Megan is a graduate of Rice University and the University of Houston, and she holds a certificate in college counseling from UCLA. A former high school counselor, she was one of the first educators selected by the College Board to grade the SAT essay. With more than 20 years’ experience in test preparation and college admissions, she has helped thousands of students maximize their ACT & SAT scores and gain admission to the colleges of their choice.


  • BA – Rice University
  • Master’s in Counseling Psychology – University of Houston
  • Certificate in College Counseling – UCLA


  • Co-host “The College Prep Podcast”
  • Full time college counseling and test prep director since 2006.
  • Former college guidance counselor in Houston ISD.
  • Official SAT essay reader for College Board. 


  • Member of the college expert panel for Unigo.com
  • College expert for Answers.com
  • In her last year as the college counselor at a Houston high school, Megan helped a class of 550 graduating seniors earn over $14 million in scholarships.

Podcast & Publications

Megan is a gifted podcaster and author. Following are links to her podcast and publications.

Weekly Podcast Since 2014

College Prep Podcast

“The College Prep Podcast” is the longest-running, regularly updated podcast in the college planning category. Join Megan and her co-host Gretchen Wegner for weekly tips to help you get better grades with less stress on the path to the perfect college. 

Co-Author “Amazing Grades”

“SAT and ACT Strategies For Students With Learning Differences.” 

Megan was asked to contribute a chapter to “Amazing Grades” to address the unique testing issues faced by students with learning differences. 

ACT & SAT Results Workbooks

Full SAT & ACT Course Guides

All of our test prep results programs use the published test prep curriculum Megan developed and include content review, strategies, details specific to each test format, and practice on focus and stress management. 



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