For years I’ve recommended high school students sign up for the SAT Question of the Day.  Now the College Board has decided to eliminate this service and pursue other technology avenues.

Here’s the info from College Board:

Practice on the go — Effective August 21, the SAT Question of the Day daily email will be discontinued. Follow it on Twitter (@SATQuestion), access via a free mobile app for iPhone and iPod, or by bookmarking it on the College Board website at

Some of you may think this is no change.  Questions will still be available.  Students can still practice.  In fact, apps and Twitter are more popular with teens than email.

True. But Twitter doesn’t come to you each day and remind you to practice.

In fact none of the remaining options remind you at all.  Now instead of collecting reminder emails in your inbox with the possibility of saving them all for the weekend when you have more time, you have to remember to check the website, app, or Twitter every day.

Most of us are too busy to remember. We may have good intentions to check the website, but without a daily routine for SAT practice, we are likely to forget.

This is part of why my monthly Vocabulary Success Coach program comes with weekly emails.  Those emails sit in your inbox reminding you to study. Yes, they subtly nag you to study. They come looking for you not the other way around.

So I’m disappointed by the College Board’s recent announcement.  I’m going to miss those messages in my inbox!