FAQ – Vocabulary Lessons

How do I download the file? Simply click on the link provided in your email and you will be able to download the vocabulary lessons. How do I unzip the file? To unzip a file, follow these steps:


1. Double-click the .zip file. On an XP or newer systems, your Windows machine has a built-in extractor program. Double-clicking the zipped (.zip) file will open the built-in system. Alternatively you can right click on the zipped file and select “Extract all“. This will also open the built-in extractor program[1].
  • If you have a pre-XP Windows machine you will not have the built-in extractor program. Instead you will need to download an extractor software such as WinZip.
  • You may also use this right-click method to unzip using an extractor program other than the default one by selecting “open with” and choosing from the your list of downloaded programs.
2. Select a destination file. Use the “browse button” to select where you want your newly extracted files to go.
3. Hit “Extract“. Once you have chosen your files and their destination, hit the “Extract” button. 4. Find you files. Go to the file folder you specified in the last step and retrieve your now unzipped files.  


1. Double-click the .zip file. Double clicking the zipped (.zip) file will automatically activate your Mac’s built-in extractor program and the zipped files will automatically be unzipped.
  • To choose an extractor program other than the default, click the zipped folder while holding down the “Command” (Apple) button. This will pull up a list from which you can select “Open With” and choose your preferred extractor program.
2. Find your files. If you use Mac’s default program the unzipped files will be in the same folder with the same name as the original zipped folder. If there is more than one file present they will be number consecutively, foldername1, foldername2, etc.]]>

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