College Planning Courses

What you get with each course:

  • Over 3 hours of video and audio lessons
  • Links to sources and handouts I’ve reserved for private clients in the past
  • Two Q&A sessions– attend live to ask your own questions; listen later to learn from others
  • Affordable access (enjoy months of online courses for less than a 90-min. consultation.)

Selecting the Right Courses

The foundation of college admission success is a strong academic record in high school. Everyone knows A’s are better than B’s or C’s, but not everyone knows how to select the right classes. This class will walk you through the course selection process so you can develop a strong 4-year plan with an appropriate level of academic challenge and a solid balance of core courses and interesting electives. This class is perfect for all families facing the decision of what classes to register for next year. You can join the course anytime. Cost $47 

What Colleges Want

Most families don’t really know what colleges want. Everyone has heard something different from teachers, friends, counselors, and the media and the unfortunate result is a lot of misinformation. We will challenge myths (required community service, lots of extracurriculars, etc.) and find out what colleges actually want. I will help you develop a plan to maximize what you have and work to fill in any gaps or weaknesses. This class is the perfect starting point for juniors who should be building a college list and thinking ahead to preparing applications in the summer / early fall. Families of students grades 7 – 10 should use this course to develop long-term plans. Cost $47   ]]>

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