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1.  PSAT and National Merit Scholarships The only time the PSAT is more than a practice test is when students are attempting to qualify for National Merit scholarships.  Junior year is the only time PSAT results can qualify a student for the National Merit program. National Merit scholarships specifically refer to the awards from the National Merit Corporation and its sponsors.  These scholarships tend to be small ($2500).  However, the real money comes from the individual colleges and universities eager to attract top students with offers of full scholarships in many cases.  One’s status as a National Merit finalist may be worth more than the actual scholarship from the National Merit program. To find out more about more about what it takes to become a finalist and how to review, see the original post How To Earn National Merit Scholarships.

2.  PSAT For Juniors

Junior year is the time the PSAT matters.  First, it is a student’s only opportunity to qualify for National Merit Scholarships; PSAT results from 9th or 10th grade will not be used.  Second, juniors should be preparing to take the SAT, so the PSAT junior year is a trial run or dress rehearsal for the actual SAT. Here is a two and a half minute video discussing the PSAT for high school juniors.

3.  PSAT for Sophomores & Freshmen

Most high schools encourage 9th and 10th grade students to take the PSAT.  It is a good way to identify top scoring students prior to junior year and it helps students see the type of material they will encounter on the SAT. Here is a short (1:45) discussion of how the PSAT should be used for sophomores and freshmen: The PSAT is a useful tool for identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses prior to taking the SAT.    It is a good introduction to test taking in an environment where students don’t need to worry about colleges seeing scores.]]>

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  • Hi,
    I have a junior in high school that is homeschooled. I missed the October date for South Carolina but see that the PSAT is also offered in the spring. How can I find a testing site? I have called all local and private schools in the Beaufort county area. Can my junior take it in another state if I find a testing site?
    I look forward to your answer,
    Tearsa Winn

    • Tearsa,
      Please contact National Merit directly (ASAP). You can find more information her:
      This year the College Board redesigned the testing offerings and now has the PSAT 8/9 which may be what is offered in the spring. The PSAT 8/9 can NOT qualify a student for National Merit scholarships.
      Don’t worry. You will be given other options, but you need to follow the instructions in the link above.

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