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What’s REALLY Important in College Admissions? Myths and Realities.

I work with a lot of families who are overwhelmed with the information (and misinformation) they receive about college admission.

  • How important are activities? Grades? Courses? Recomendations?
  • Are there good options for B and C students?
  • With all the stories about how hard it is to get into college, will our family still have good options?

In this episode of “The College Prep Podcast”, I lay out, in concrete terms, what’s important when prepping for college and corrects some myths that you may have heard

Specifically, we explore:

  • 3 great underutilized resources for getting accurate information about colleges
  • 3 main criteria colleges look at when determining if you are a good fit for their school
  • 5 myths about the college admissions process (like: “you have to have top grades and great scores to get into any school”) and what is actually true instead


Listen to the full episode here: (click here to play)

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