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FAQ- College Prep Courses



How many students per class?

Some classes are smaller than others, but we never take more than 20 students per class. We have a six student minimum for all SAT and ACT classes.

When does registration open?

We open registration about a month before classes begin.

We are going to miss a class. How can we make it up?

Students who are unable to attend a class, may come early or stay after the following session to ask questions and discuss key concepts with their instructor. Additionally, we have video lessons for key topics.

What is your average score improvement?

Score improvement depends primarily on student effort. You wouldn’t expect the student who misses class or never does homework to get results.

Typically students who attend all the classes, take the practice tests, complete all the homework, and put effort into their work improve by 3-4 points total (composite score) on the ACT and 100 points per section (200 points total) on the SAT. Of course, that is an average—some students do even better and others may not improve as much.

My son/daughter needs to work on one or two sections; can he/she just attend that part of the course?

We strongly encourage students to attend ALL class meetings.

However, your child’s attendance is up to you. We don’t encourage students to skip classes. Often it is easier for students to improve in their strongest subjects.  For example, a student who is already scoring well in English may come to ACT class to focus on math.  By learning additional techniques she may improve her English score by 5 points and only improve by  2 points in math where she struggles.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We know a lot of the “big box” test prep companies offer a score improvement guarantee. Start reading some of these “guarantees” and you will find a lot of fine print. We don’t want to mislead you with sales gimmicks and fine print.

We are confident enough in the program to offer a money back guarantee. Start the program.  Take a close look at the materials.  If you don’t like what you see after the first lesson, you can request a refund on the remaining classes.

Keep in mind the ACT and SAT are performance based activities.  It is almost impossible to guarantee how someone will perform on a given day. No one can guarantee test results. Think of test prep like working with a trainer at the gym.  Part of the client’s success comes from the information and inspiration provided by the trainer, but the client still has to do the work.

How are your classes different from other test prep companies?

The short answer is

  1. Our class structure mirrors the test. Our class is structured just like the ACT / SAT. Students learn to focus on one subject for an extended time, but are also required to switch topics in class (just as they will switch section on the exam.)
  2. All our instructors are test prep professionals with years of educational experience. We will never have a college kid trained on a workbook teaching for us.
  3. You get one instructor for the entire class. Yes, our instructors are experts in the entire test:  Math, Reading, grammar, date interpretation, and the essay.  We don’t ask you to switch teachers each time, so you can ask questions anytime; you don’t have to wait for math day!
  4. Our program was designed by a nationally recognized expert. Megan Dorsey’s test prep advice has been featured on CBS, NBC, Wall Street Journal, Education Weekly and many other sources. Megan even teaches some of the classes (mostly Sundays). You won’t get that with other test prep companies.
  5. We are a locally owned and operated business. We offer expert instructors and proven materials at a competitive price because we aren’t paying franchise fees or high overhead. We do a lot to give back to educational efforts in the community. 

What are the available locations?

Greatwood Rec Center (Sunday afternoons) near the intersection of 59 & Grand Parkway.