Online College Planning Courses

Online College Planning Courses

Megan Dorsey is expanding her college guidance programs to help more families get admissions results.

Expert Insights

In the past you had to commit to a full private coaching program or live in the Houston are and attend one of Megan’s summer camps in order to get her proven college planning advice. Now you can  get the same strategies Megan gives her private clients, but for a fraction of the price and without waiting to schedule an appointment.

In each college planning course, Megan shares expert insights into each aspect of the college admissions process. She goes beyond the hype to give you actionable information.

Accessible Format

Each course will be ready consists of video lessons and strategy sheets to help you work through your individual plan. The course will be ready when you are; you can begin immediately and power through in a weekend or work through the material at a more leisurely pace.

The great thing about about a video-based course is that you can pause, rewind, and re-watch as needed– something you can’t get from an in-person consultation.

Special “Debut Only” Pricing

As we put the finishing touches on the courses, you can enjoy our debut prices: $47 per course. Once we complete the full set of courses, prices will double. Don’t wait; get the courses you want while they are half price.

2018 Courses

January: What Colleges Want: And How You Can Be Ready When It Is Time To Apply

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