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One Day ACT Crash Course


Do you have a high school junior looking to fit test prep into an already busy schedule?  

Do you want a better ACT score without the commitment of a long prep class?

The one day ACT Crash Course will help!

Get all the top strategies and add points to your ACT score in one day.

Leave with:

  • Overview of the ACT and scoring policy
  • Exact number of problems you need to answer correctly to earn your goal score
  • List of commonly tested grammar errors for English
  • Specific rules for ACT punctuation questions
  • Easy to apply strategies for English organization and evidence questions
  • Short list of must have math formulas to memorize before the test
  • Common math shortcuts and examples problems
  • The number one strategy for ACT reading
  • Suggested order for answering reading questions
  • Time saving techniques for science
  • Simple strategy to monitor pacing as you manage the answer sheet throughout the ACT
  • And more…


  • All strategies are clearly explained in the class workbook, so you can continue to review and practice after the class
  • Leave with 2 full-length official practice tests (and scoring guides)
  • Entire session is taught by Megan Dorsey a nationally recognized test prep expert. Megan’s high energy and expertise will help students leave with the confidence they need to apply new skills.

April ACT Crash Course Session

Saturday, March 23, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Greatwood Recreation Center (near Hwy 59 & Grand Parkway)

$300  $225 (for the first 12 students who register)

(min needed to hold class 6 / max class size 26)


Fine Print

  • Crash Course tuition is due in full when you register. Tuition is non-refundable, but IS transferable.
  • The course has 26 spots only. Once the class fills, others will be turned away.
  • Tuition is required for each attendee.
  • I will provide the essential content and strategies for ACT score improvements; students need to commit additional time outside of class to practice and master the material. — In other words, I’m providing top notch coaching and information NOT magic pixie dust. Students need to put what they learn to use.

Our Strategies Work

We help everyone from struggling test takers to students trying to earn a perfect score. Success is helping each student meet his or her individual score goals.


What to Expect

The crash course is an intensive morning of information. Megan will provide a brief overview of the ACT and how each section is scored. Then students will learn specific strategies for each of the four graded portions of the test:

  • English (grammar)
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science

Individual problems will be used as examples for different techniques, but this crash course is not a glorified practice test. Students should expect to listen, take notes, work occasional sample problems, and ask questions.

Yes,we know the class seems long; it can be difficult to focus on dense material for an extended period of time. (But this is what students are expected to do on the actual ACT!)

The Benefits

Our goal is to equip students with the information they need to earn more points. The Crash Course format allow busy students to glean the essential elements from our full test prep class and practice those skills on their own schedule.

You get:

  • Expert instruction
  • In far less time than a traditional course
  • A class workbook with all the strategies and ideas clearly outlined
  • Two full-length official practice tests to work at home
  • Confidence to approach your next ACT

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What Are You Waiting For?

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Grab your spot in the upcoming class. 

Saturday, March 23, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Greatwood Recreation Center (near Hwy 59 & Grand Parkway)

$300  $225 (for the first 12 students who register)

(min needed to hold class 6 / max class size 26)