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How to Build Your College List


You’ve come to the right place to learn how to build your college list and select the right schools for you.  This online course includes videos and handouts divided into six lessons. I would encourage you to start with lesson one then move onto the topic of greatest interest to you (unless you are like me and you will do them in order, because that’s the type A person you are.)

This page is still under construction. We are adding and updating daily. Please check back if you don’t find materials.

Here’s a preview:

  1. Identifying Key Issues (really need to start here)
  2. Athletic & Talent-Based Recruiting
  3. Steps to Successfully Build Your College List
  4. Tools to Research
  5. Insider Campus Visit Tips
  6. Common College List Mistakes

If you have trouble accessing the materials, please let us know. (Technology is great until it doesn’t work.)

Lesson 1: Identifying Key Issues

  Lesson 1 Handouts: 

Lesson 2: Athletic & Talent-Based Recruiting

(Yes, we have a problem with the top of the video on this one.  Working on the fix.) 

Lesson 2 Resources: 

NCAA Guide for College-Bound Student Athlete

NCAA Eligibility Center

Performing & Visual Arts College Fairs

National Portfolio Days (visual arts)

National Unified Auditions (B.F.A. programs)


Lesson 3: Steps to Successfully Building a Successful College List


Lesson 3 Handouts: 

How to Research Colleges Effectively

Finding The Right College: Beat The Intimidation Factor


Lesson 4: Tools to Research

Lesson 4 Resources: 

College Search Recommended Resources

Tips for the Confused Student About Starting Your College Search (podcast)

Lesson 5: Insider Campus Visit Tips




Lesson 5 Handouts: 

College Visit Checklist

10 Questions to Ask on Your College Tour

What to Bring on a College Campus Visit

Campus Tour Tips: What I Do on College Visits

Campus Visit Must Do’s

Lesson 6: Common College List Mistakes

Are You Applying to the Wrong Colleges? (podcast)

039: Why Choosing the “Best College” is a Mistake (podcast)

054: Are You Applying to the Wrong Colleges? (podcast)