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International Universities: Potential Cost Savings

The cost of college is always an issue. Even families with comfortable incomes and some savings worry about how they will afford a university education in today’s market where the typical four-year degree can cost $25K / year at a top state school or $60K / year at some private colleges.

International universities can offer potential cost saving alternatives. A couple years ago the Washington Post ran an article titled “7 countries where Americans can study at universities, in English, for free (or almost free.)” You can read it here.

While the idea of studying in France, Germany, Sweden, or Brazil may seem appealing, not many families are ready to send their college freshman abroad to a country where he or she is not fluent in the language. (Even if the tuition savings is significant.)

But college degrees from schools in Canada and England present financial savings in countries with similar cultures and languages to what students would experience at home. I’ve presented some of these options in greater depth on recent editions of “The College Prep Podcast.”

Episode #110 – Universities in England

Listen here.

Listen in to find out more about:

  • how English Universities graduate students in 3 years—not 4,
  • why transparent entry requirements make admissions simple,
  • the type of students who will (and won’t) benefit from the English university system
  • how English Universities can boast 80% completion rates (hint: they have improved student support services!),
  • how to apply to these schools,
  • why you might save more money studying abroad, and
  • 5 schools you might want to consider.

Episode #147 Canadian Universities with Guest Whitney Laughlin

Listen here.

Listen in to find out more about:

  • Differences and similarities between the Canadian and American university systems
  • 8+ reasons benefits to choosing a Canadian university over an American one
  • 4 reasons why you might NOT want to consider a Canadian university
  • how to get scholarships in Canada
  • and more!

International universities can give students a distinctive college experience while saving families thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars per year.

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