It is hard to get the news of college rejection. But it is also hard to choose among the number of colleges who have admitted you (especially if you have multiple offers, scholarships, or special programs to choose from.)

April 1 is the date by which all colleges notifiy students of acceptance; students have this next month to make the final choices and notify schools of their decisions.

Tune in to this episode of “The College Prep Podcast” as we discuss 10 factors to consider as you make this final decision, including:

  1. General impression / ranking from your visits
  2. Money– How much will you pay EACH YEAR?
  3. Choice of Major– Are you in? Can you change your mind?
  4. Required courses– what will you have to take at each
  5. AP or transfer credits?
  6. Activities, organizations, Greek life?
  7. Travel costs and issues
  8. Academic support
  9. Need for family connectedness
  10. Where will you feel supported and pushed to be your best?

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