You’ve likely heard the advice to make sure you include a “safety” school in your college list.

I’ll start by saying I hate the term “safety school” because it makes those colleges seem like inferior choices—places a student might end up if everything else went horribly wrong.

In this episode of “The College Prep Podcast” we discuss the two types of “safety” schools you will want to consider, how to find schools with almost assured admission for all types of students, and how to change how these schools are viewed.

We cover

  • The two kinds of “safety” schools you need on your list
  • how to tell if your school is a good “safety” school
  • How to adjust your  mindset about the importance of “safety” schools
  • Why we keep putting the word “safety” in quotes
  • How to plan ahead so you’re not left in a lurch,
  • And more!

Additionally, here is the resource I mentioned in this episode.


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