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How Many AP Classes Should a Student Take?

Spring is the time when students and parents complete course selection for next school year.  Many students will have the option of taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes.  How many AP classes should a student take?  Find out in this short video (5 minutes.)

Plus, learn why it might be best to get AP credit in a student’s least favorite subjects.


How many AP classes should a student take?

School limitations:

  • Number of AP classes offered at your high school
  • Are there limits on the number of AP classes a student can take

Personal limitations:

  • Students should be able to balance AP classes with activities and other courses
  • It is important to show high achievement in AP classes.  A “C” or “D” in and AP class may be a sign a student is overloaded academically.
  • There is a personal limit where students can balance achievement with challenging classes

Benefit to taking AP classes in weaker subject:

  • High scores on AP exam may eliminate the need to take that course in college
  • High school AP teachers may be more accessible and better teachers than college professors.
  • Using AP credit to exempt from introductory classes in some fields of study may hurt a student’s academic success in college.

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