For 2018, we are developing online courses on the most popular college admission topics. These will allow you to learn about a variety of issues, participate in live Q&A sessions, develop long-term plans for admission success — and all from the convenience of your computer or phone (no scheduling issues or waiting for appointments.)

What you get with each course:

  • Over 2 hours of video and audio lessons
  • Links to sources and handouts I’ve reserved for private clients in the past
  • Two Q&A sessions– attend live to ask your own questions; listen later to learn from others
  • Affordable access (enjoy months of online courses for less than a 90-min. consultation.)

January 2018 — What Colleges Want

Most families don’t really know what colleges want. Everyone has heard something different from teachers, friends, counselors, and the media and the unfortunate result is a lot of misinformation. We will challenge myths (required community service, lots of extracurriculars, etc.) and find out what colleges actually want. I will help you develop a plan to maximize what you have and work to fill in any gaps or weaknesses.

This class is the perfect starting point for juniors who should be building a college list and thinking ahead to preparing applications in the summer / early fall. Families of students grades 7 – 10 should use this course to develop long-term plans.

You can join the course anytime (materials are available online); we will begin lesson 1 the week of January 8.

Cost $47 (on sale in January for $20!)

(As we try out a new course delivery and online video conferencing system, we are giving you a discount on the class.)